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Gallery: Training & Incident Photos
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Below you will find some interesting photos relating to Lake Stevens Fire.  Click on any image to view it larger.
Two Vehicle Accident

Date: May 28, 2017


This was a two vehicle accident in the 1200 block of Machias Road SE on May 28, 2017 at approximately 1500 hours . The driver of the small vehicle was struck on the driver’s door by a panel van. The driver was pinned in the vehicle by the dash, steering wheel, and side door of the vehicle. Engine 83’s crew used the “Jaws of Life” (the cutters and spreaders) to remove the driver’s side door and “B” post from the vehicle. The patient was transported to PEMC with non-life threatening injuries.

Technical Rescue Team

Date: April 2017

The Snohomish County Technical Rescue Team had their annual refresher training on Trench Rescue in Lake Stevens. The Snohomish County Technical Rescue Team is a joint team involving seven fire districts within Snohomish County and techs are trained to provide high and low angle rope rescues, trench rescue, confined space rescue, and USAR (Urban Search and Rescue).

During this training event, ERTI (Emergency Rescue Training Institute) taught spot shoring for trench rescue. Essentially responders are learning new techniques to shore a trench safely in order to rescue victims. The City of Lake Stevens used their backhoe to dig the trench, and the Vacu Truck from Marysville was used to vacuum up all the rocks, water, debri which would allow responders to get to the victims quicker in an emergency situation. Additionally there were three large heavy Rescue Rigs that carry the shoring equipment for responders to shore the trench.

Many thanks to the following agencies who were involved: City of Lake Stevens Public Works, City of Marysville Public Works, City of Everett Public Works, Department of Emergency Management, City of Lynnwood, Everett Fire, Marysville Fire, Snohomish Fire District 1, Snohomish Fire District 7, Mukilteo Fire, Arlington Fire, Lynnwood Fire, and Lake Stevens Fire.

Forcible Entry Academy

Date: April 1, 2016

Firefighter Boswell and Paramedics Virnig and Zutter learn how to remove window bars.

Firefighters Boswell and Wheeler work together to force the door open.

Firefighter Valenta cutting the garage door with a disc saw.

Lake Stevens Fire hosted a Forcible Entry Academy and partnered with Snohomish Fire District 4. The class was held at their training facility in Snohomish. There were 32 firefighters participating in the class including 16 members from Lake Stevens Fire, as well as firefighters from Seattle Fire, Snohomish Fire District 1, Snohomish Fire District 7, Gig Harbor Fire, Lynnwood Fire, and Central Pierce Fire. This two day class was taught by Brothers in Battle.

Captain Cardona performs a single person forcible entry.

Paramedic Zutter and Firefighter Lervold work together on forcible entry.
Fire Behavior & Water Application Class

Date: February/March 2016

Lake Stevens Fire hired 3S Fire LLC to provide a classroom fire behavior class and live fire training. 3S Fire LLC is a respected local training company owned by firefighters.

This class was a refresher course for understanding fire behavior and determining the proper water application that is most effective to extinguish fires, save lives and protect property. Lake Stevens Fire brought in large metal burn containers and burned Class A Fuel wood pallets, in accordance with burning regulations.

After the four hour training session focused on learning modern fire behavior; crews participated in live fire exercises to recognize fire behavior and apply water appropriately to control and eventually extinguish the fire.

In between training revolutions, the crews took time to review the previous classroom fire behavior discussion and ask questions.

All three shifts at Lake Stevens Fire participated in this training opportunity.

This training required reinforced teamwork to work through the practice scenario of searching for victims and extinguishing the fire.

Even though this was a training fire, conditions and fire behavior were very similar to conditions in a real structure fire.

This is a view of the fire behavior inside of the burn container.

This illustrates practicing with a narrow water pattern to reduce the heat of the fire and not change the conditions of the room.

It takes numerous personnel with professional training and coordination to safely mitigate the fire.

Part of learning fire behavior, is being able to recognize high heat when there is heavy smoke and no visible fire.

Training is essential so that firefighters have the necessary skills to assess and manage the emergency situation in a safe and efficient manner.

Multi Company Operations Drill

Date: October 15, 2015

Lake Stevens Fire participates in a Multi Company Operations Drill weekly, with Snohomish Fire District 4, Monroe Fire, and Snohomish Fire District 7. Pictured above is Firefighters Snyder, Chester and Hall.

This practice scenario was a two story residential with trapped occupants. Lake Stevens Fire was assigned a primary search of floor 1.
Rescue Systems 1 Training

Date: 2015

April 27 – May 1, 2015 This Rescue Systems training exercise took place at Fire Station 83. Lake Stevens Fire partnered with Marysville Fire and Everett Fire.

Firefighter Fujiwara-Herbert learning low angle rescue. Lake Stevens Fire provides this training for all new career hires.

Learning how to perform a heavy lift to remove trapped victims.

November 2015 This Rescue Systems training exercise took place at Fire Station 83 with Lake Stevens Fire, Marysville Fire and Everett Fire. Learning how to build a Raker Shore to shore up an exterior wall from collapsing.
Auto Extrication Drill

Date: April 2, 2015

Lake Stevens Fire offers training on auto extrication annually, and this exercise was held at Fire Station 81. Thank you to Top Notch Towing for providing the vehicles.

An auto extrication training session with Rick Rainwater from L & N Curtis. Learning how to use the tools.

The 2015 tools are lighter, they run quietly, and they are battery operated which makes them easier to operate, especially in tighter conditions.
Interagency Training with A Shift


Rescue Training
Lake Stevens Fire participates in Rescue Training at Station 83.

Extrication Training
Lake Stevens Fire participates in Extrication Training with an armored truck at NW Auto Recyclers.


MCO Drill
Lake Stevens Fire participates in MCO Drill at Station 81 with Getchell Fire and Marysville Fire.

Partners in Training

Leadership in Action
At the Command Post with Battalion Chief Goodale from Marysville Fire, and Deputy Chief Huff and Battalion Chief Putnam with Lake Stevens Fire.

Working Together
MCO Drill at Station 81 with Lake Stevens Fire and Granite Falls Fire.
Fire Calls

Date: 2007

Garage Ablaze
Lake Stevens Fire responded to a garage fire July 18 and was able to successfully put it out with the help of Getchell and Granite Falls mutual aid.

Fire Next Door!
A neighbor's worst nightmare. Waking up to a residential house fire next door.  Thankfully the family got out of the house in time, and no one was hurt.  July 2007.

Engulfed in Flames!
Lake Stevens Fire responded to a car fire in the 600 Block of 91st Ave NE. Crews extinguished the blaze in minutes. It is believed the fire started from leaking hose under the hood. No one was injured in the fire. Damage is estimated at $16,000.  May 2007.

Outdoor Burn Gets Out of Control
Outdoor burn accidentally ignites a shed located on the same property.  The shed was fully involved when firefighters arrived on the scene.  There were no injuries and firefighters extinguished the fire.  April 2007.

Working Together!
The neighboring house, 10 feet away from the garage, was of concern but did not ignite.
Technical Rescue Team in Action

Date: 2007

River Raging over the Catwalk
A family had gone to Granite Falls to view its majesty.  The river and falls were raging with the recent rains and before they knew it, the river had risen faster than they had expected.  When they went to return there was 200 feet of raging river between them and land.  March 2007.

Technical Rescue Team in Action!
The Technical Rescue Team methodically and precisely designed their strategy and implemented their tactics.  One by one each family member was brought across the raging river held on by a single rope and a lot of water under foot.  March 2007.
Practice Burn

Date: 2006

Training at Its Best
The fire officer briefs firefighters on fire behavior after flashover occurs.  Practice Burn, May 2006

Great Day for a Practice Burn
Crews prepare to perform a roof ventilation technique prior to a practice burn.  Practice Burn, May 2006.

Wet Stuff on the Red Stuff!
Firefighters keep the fire under control and practice what they know.  Practice Burn, May 2006.

The Gang’s All Here
They’ve been working hard and it’s time for a break!  Practice Burn, May 2006.
Various Emergency Incidents  

Water Drop:
Department of Natural Resources drops water on a wild fire on Deer Mountain.  Lake Stevens Fire responded to this mutual aid and the fire was contained within a few days.  August 2006.

Car Fire:
Paramedic Ron Rasmussen and firefighter Robert Marshall cut open a hood on a Chevy Blazer after the vehicle caught fire on Lundeen Parkway. The fire started in the engine compartment. Crews quickly extinguished the flames but not before fire destroyed the engine compartment area.  August 2006.

Airlift Northwest landing on SR204: Lake Stevens routinely calls Airlift Northwest to transport critical trauma patients to Harborview Medical Center.

Automobile Crash: Truck vs. car on Highway 204.  Due to the number of serious vehicle collisions, Highway 9 and the surrounding highways in the Lake Stevens area have become part of a traffic safety corridor.  The purpose of this project is to improve driver awareness and safety on these highways.

Automobile Crash: Two car head on fatality crash on Highway 204 near Frontier Village, Lake Stevens.

Bicycle Accident
Lake Stevens Fire Paramedics tend to a 15 year old boy after a collision with a vehicle at the intersection of the 9700 block of 2nd Street SE. The bicyclist was not wearing a helmet and was traveling south on 97th Ave SE. He struck the front side of the vehicle traveling west on 2nd Street SE. The impact threw the boy from his bicycle and onto the windshield of the vehicle. Paramedics transported the bicyclist to an Everett area hospital for treatment. The driver of the vehicle was an 18 year old male from Lake Stevens and was not injured. February 2006.

Airplane Crash: Lake Stevens Fire and Snohomish County Sheriff’s office investigate the crash of a small Cesna aircraft.



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